Catch Your Own Seafood Dinner

Join our fishing charters based out of Linwood & Ocean City, NJ

Want to go fishing, but don't have a boat? Need advice about when and where to fish along the shore? We are based out of the Linwood & Ocean City, NJ area? Schedule a half-day or full-day fishing trip with an expert at JD Marine. Tell us what you want to catch, and our captain will take you to the right fishing spot.

For more information about our fishing charters, contact our captain today.

Ensure that you and your friends enjoy an exceptional fishing trip

There are many benefits of fishing with a professional. For example, our owner is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain who has been fishing all of his life. You can rely on him to know what fish are available during each season.

Our owner will also advise you on which bait you'll need to catch:


Set your fishing trip up for success - call 609-457-6605 now to schedule a trip on our fishing charter boat in Linwood, NJ or the surrounding areas.