Learn the Rules of the High Seas

Offering boating lessons for all skill levels from our headquarters in the Linwood & Ocean City, NJ area

Before you took your driver's license test, you had to attend classes to learn about safety protocols and how your vehicle worked. To prepare for your boating test, we recommend doing the same thing. That's why JD Marine provides boating lessons for residents in the South Jersey & Ocean City area.

Walk into your boating test with confidence. Call 609-457-6605 now to schedule boat driving lessons with our U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain.

Start preparing for your boat test

Every boat owner needs to know the capabilities of their own watercraft. You can count on us to teach you everything you need to know about your boat, from how to launch it to how to hook it up to your trailer.

Trust us to teach you:

How to respond to safety issues
How to use your radio properly
How to navigate on the open sea

Ready to attend your first boat driving lesson in or around Linwood, NJ? Contact our captain today to schedule helpful boating lessons before your test.